Our Move from New Jersey to California!

We moved again.  This time to the Palm Springs, California area.  It was a major drive from New Jersey to California with 2 dogs, 2 cats, a lizard in the car.  Luckily, our family is in Texas and so we were able to stop there for a long visit before heading out again for California.

Leaving New Jersey

passing through Tennessee

tailgate lunch in Nashville


passing through Arkansas

driving through Texas, nearing our halfway point, yippee!

saving a huge turtle about to cross the highway

To see pictures from our visit in Texas, click here.

West Texas highway

Franklin Mountain in El Paso - We took this picture for one of our friends back in New Jersey.  Her grandfather grew up in El Paso and Geronimo passed through the area often.  Whenever the town word get word that Geronimo was heading towards town, they would put all the children in a mule drawn wagon and drive them out to the hills and hide them in caves until he passed.  Thought they'd like to see a picture of the hill, he probably hid in.  It's so cool when history can be brought to life in a personal way.  I had just taken the kids to see Geronimo's grave at Ft. Sill in Oklahoma and was telling my friend about it and then she told me her story and then we just happened to pass through El Paso on our move.  Cool!  Now I just need to get to Chloride, NM to see the family store that her family owned and when Jesse James passed through the area he gave her great-grandmother a gun because he thought she needed more personal protection.

looking over into Mexico - quite a difference

New Mexico

one of the very few towns along the highway in New Mexico

but we did pass Fraggle Rock and the giant roadrunner sculpture made from trash from the local landfill - we found out about them on the Roadside America app - great app to use while traveling!!

saw many, many dirt devils - dust tornados

ghost town - Steins, NM - it was founded in 1857 and was a railroad and mining town

Cool rock formations near Dragoon, AZ

another attraction featured on Roadside America - giant baby playing with real tractor in field, Phoenix, AZ

fabulous rock store on the side of the road - I could have stayed there hours.  I love all the beautiful tumbled stones.

California highway

entering the Coachella Valley where our new home is

our new town

our new street - both ends of the street dead end into big mountains - LOVE IT!!!! - we're in a cove of mountains

Pictures from our last visits with our friends in Virginia and New Jersey

Before we left, we headed down to Virginia to see our friends one last time before we head out.  It was a whirlwind trip but we all had a great time!

The kids did a lot of go cart driving....

trampoline jumping...

duck holding....

butterfly wrangling....

birthday celebrating....

moustache wearing....

and more go cart riding - they had a fabulous time!  Just wish we could have stayed longer but I had to run back to pack, pack, pack.

We're going to miss seeing our awesome Virginia friends as well as our new awesome New Jersey friends.

IN the first NJ friends picture, we were up on Washington Rock, the spot where General George Washington stood everyday to watch the advances of the British Soldiers and plan his next move.  You can see for miles and miles and miles.  I'm always amazed to be able to see New York City so clearly.  We actually don't live that far from NYC as the crow flies, as you can see in this picture.  Cool!

Anyone reading this an unschooler in California?  I'll probably have some questions soon for you.  You can email me.