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Math Mnemonics

Times Tables the Fun Way

a picture method of learning the multiplication facts - I love this book

I copied these pictures from the book and taped them to the bathroom wall to serve as reminders to a captured audience and it has worked like a charm.  My daughter is only working on addition and subtraction but now knows these multiplication problems by heart.  Cool!

other math visuals for the bathroom audience

Gallon Man

3 feet in a yard

the green grass represents the "yard" - get it? I was going to add flowers but never got around to it.

How Many Feet in a Mile?

5 tomatoes - get it?

                                          5      to        (m)ate        oe(s)

(5)     (2)          (8)            (0)       = 5,280 feet in a mile


great mnemonic!


Here are some more....


Roman Numerals: I =1, V = 5, X = 10, L = 50 , C = 100 , D = 500 and M = 1000.

I Value Xylophones Like Cows Dig Milk


Remembering that the Numerator is Before (Above) the Denominator

Nice Dog (N before D)


Division Algorithm (How To Do Long Division)

Divide - Multiply - Subtract - Compare - Bring Down

Does McDonalds Serve Cheese Burgers?


Multiplying Two Digits Times Two Digits

To multiply a two-digit number times a two-digit number, just ask MOMA.


Write the 0;




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Article on teaching with mnemonics

Visualizing Fractions

Neat Visualizing Algebra Site

Learning Long Division mnemonics for the steps

1.  Dad (divide)   2. Mom (multiply)   3. Sister (subtract)   4.  Brother (bring down)   5.  Rover (repeat or remainder)